Savings Pods (Direct Billing With AWS)

For customers that prefer to manage and keep their own AWS payer account in place, North offers subscription-based, no up-front payment, Compute Savings Plans & Reserved Instances via Savings Pods.

Savings Pods are individual AWS member accounts that North owns and operates. These accounts can join a customer billing organization via consolidating billing. Customers purchasing a subscription-based Savings Plans or Reserved Instances via Savings Pods should expect to see savings reflected on their consolidated AWS bill each month.

North enables discount sharing, allowing accounts within their consolidated billing group to draw their on-demand usage against the Savings Plans & Reserved Instances shared via Savings Pods.

Should customer no longer need some or all of their reservation, North will partially or entirely disconnect the Savings Pods, converting them back into single-payer accounts. During this process, all monthly costs default to being billed directly to North, relieving any financial obligations from the customer. Disconnection of North member account(s) "Savings Pods", are subject to the terms and conditions of our MSA.

Sample Account architecture of customer ("Groovy Labs") using North Savings Pods.

How secure are North's Member Accounts "Savings Pods" ?

North upkeeps maximum security on our Savings Pods and deploys extremely limited permissions. Through our MSA, we also cover any costs accrued in these accounts outside of the agreed upon savings reservation. For a full security posture review – presented privately and under NDA – please contact us directly.

Can these Savings Pods see or access data from other member accounts in my billing organization?

No. By default, AWS prevents single-member accounts from being able to view, query, access, alter or otherwise impact services in other member accounts in a billing organization.

How does onboarding work? How quickly can we start enjoying discounts from these Savings Pods?

Onboarding can be completed with less than 10 minutes of work. During onboarding, North will share the member accounts "Savings Pods" to invite to your AWS billing organization. Once the invitation is accepted, we create the savings reservations. Within an hour, your on-demand usage will begin to benefit from savings.

How does account disconnection work?

Accounts can be disconnected from the AWS management account's administrator in your billing organization. Please note that service interruptions will result in any customer usage not being able to access Savings Plans or Reserved Instances in disconnected member account(s). Also please note that service reductions, or cancelations are subject to a handoff window (30-90 days). Read more about terms of services in our MSA.

  1. Sign in to AWS management account

  2. Click -> AWS Organizations

  3. List accounts via hierarchy

  4. Select account(s)

  5. Actions

  6. "Remove from organization"

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