Account Setup

Setup & Connection Instructions

PREFERRED You can directly set up your account on our app:

North supports cross account permissions in order to "read-only" cost and usage data. Detailed below are the different ways of connecting:

  1. Click on this link
  1. Acknowledge and click “Create stack”

  1. Deploy the following file:

provider "aws" {
	region = "us-east-1" # Replace with your desired region

resource "aws_cloudformation_stack" "example" {
	name         = "NorthCostAndUsageReadOnlyCloudFormationStack"
	template_url = ""
  1. Run the following command in your terminal of choice:

aws cloudformation create-stack \
--stack-name NorthCostAndUsageReadOnlyCloudFormationStack \
--template-url \
--region us-east-1
  1. In the AWS Management Console, select CloudFormation and “Create Stack”

  2. Select the "Specify an Amazon S3 template URL" Some code
  1. On the "Specify stack details" page, enter the following information: - Stack name: Enter "NorthCostAndUsageReadOnlyCloudFormationStack" (or your desired stack name)

  2. Click the "Next" until you are able to “Create stack”

Note: North will also manually provision account IAM access if user creates an account at or emails the appropriate AWS account number(s) to

How does onboarding work? How quickly can we start enjoying the discounting from Savings Pods?

Onboarding can be completed within 10 minutes. During onboarding, your North team will share the member accounts to invite to your AWS billing organization. Once these are accepted, we create the savings reservations. Within an hour, your on-demand usage will begin to benefit from these Savings Plans & Reserved Instances discounts.

How does account disconnection work?

Accounts can be disconnected from the AWS management account's administrator in your billing organization. Please note that service interruptions will result in any customer usage not being able to access Savings Plans or Reserved Instances in disconnected member account(s). Also please note that service reductions, or cancellations are subject to a handoff window (30-90 days). Read more about terms of services in our MSA.

  1. Sign in to AWS management account

  2. Click -> AWS Organizations

  3. List accounts via hierarchy

  4. Select account(s)

  5. Actions

  6. "Remove from organization"

Additional Links:

Inviting AWS account(s) to join your organization:

Removing AWS account(s) from your organization:

Create a spending alert on AWS account(s) in your organization:

Enabling Discount Sharing for Savings Plans & Reserved Instances

Once your account has joined North, we require customers to enable discount sharing. This feature allows your account to receive discount credits that North makes on your behalf.

Leaving the North billing group:

You retain the right to leave or disconnect your account from our service at any time. Please follow the instructions below. It is important to note that any service change or cancelation is subject to terms of our MSA.

AWS Organizations Overview

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