Platform Details & Company Information

About Us:

North is an AWS reseller and discounting automation platform. We allow customers to automate discounting coverage on AWS resources that automatically adjust to their changes in usage and product adoption within the AWS ecosystem.

Data Platform:

North's data platform monitors and measures AWS products being used in your AWS account(s) and suggests savings remediations. These suggestions can be automated through our Autopilot feature or manually triggered through user approval.

Our platform continuously adjusts to changes in your AWS environment, helping reduce cost burden for our users.

Flex Discounting:

North offers the most cost-effective way to buy and manage AWS discounting coverage via Flex.

Flex is a total end-to-end discounting managed service that allows users to buy three-year Compute Savings Plans & Reserved Instances with the option to change commitment levels or broker buyback at any time during your term with North. Our service comes with 100% risk-free assurance that you won't pay for discounting reservations or plans that you no longer need. Simply put, we allow you to consume AWS at the best discounting with month-to-month flexibility.

Customer Experience:

North is proud to provide one of the best customer experiences in the industry. Each account, regardless of their top-line spend with AWS, is assigned a certified FinOps practitioner to ensure long-term financial success. Additionally, your North support team is available 24/7 via Slack. Our teams meet with our customer monthly to discuss goals, budgets, savings and all things related to your business success on AWS.

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